Distance learning extended in public schools and universities in UAE

Classes will be held online until January 21

Dubai, Jan 12, 2022: Distance learning has been extended in all government schools and universities in the UAE.  Classes will be held online from January 17 until January 21, the authorities said. 

Examinations that require in-person attendance have been postponed until January 28, said Hazza Al Mansouri, spokesman of the education sector. The safety measures have been taken due to the on-going COVID situation in the country. 

Abu Dhabi has approved that all private and public schools will temporarily switch to remote learning for one week, starting January 17 until January 21. 

Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah will continue face-to-face learning while keeping the safety protocols in place. 

Meanwhile, Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has released new guidelines for private schools and nurseries on illness and COVID-19 protocols. The guidelines apply to teachers, employees of the school/nursery and workers on campus and on-board buses. 

The guidelines stress the importance of staying home if unwell until full recovery; this includes having minor symptoms such as headache or runny nose. 

Failure to follow the guidance can expose the person to legal accountability by the school administration and the competent authorities, SPEA said.