KHDA announces strict guidelines for early childhood centres & staff

The qualification guidelines are for teachers who handle children aged from 45 days to 35 months and 36 to 71 months

Dubai, Jan 26, 2022: The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced qualification guidelines for staff and teachers to be appointed at Early Childhood Centers (ECC) and for children aged between 45 to 71 months. 

The guidelines are for centre managers, teachers, teaching assistants and helpers.  It is mandatory now for all centre managers of ECC to be either holding a bachelor’s degree, and preferably working towards a post-graduate qualification in early childhood education or have a professional certification in leading an early learning centre such as a  level five vocational qualification. It should be noted that any certification must be recognised against the National Qualifications Framework of the country of origin and must meet KHDA requirements. The candidate should also have a minimum of three years experience in an early childhood setting. Recognition is required from KHDA before a centre manager can be formally appointed. 

Similarly, an applicant for the position of an ECC teacher should either have a bachelor’s degree or be working towards a bachelor’s degree, preferably in early childhood education or must have obtained professional certification in early childhood education such as a level three vocational qualification. The candidate should also have relevant experience in  an early childhood setting. 

Meanwhile those applying for the post of teacher assistants at ECC should either hold a university degree or have experience of working in an early childhood setting with a minimum of a high school certificate or equivalent. They must also have relevant work experience in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC).  

It is also mandatory to follow strict guidelines regarding staff-child ratio where for every teacher there can only be three students between the  age group of 45 days to 17 months, a maximum of five students between the age group of 18 to 35 months, eight students between the age group of 36 to 47 months and 12 students aged 48 to 71 months for every teacher.

Any additional curriculum specific requirements can be introduced as long as the minimum requirements stated above are met. The KHDA guidelines said. 

The teachers of early childhood education providers in Dubai are required to ensure that all staff employed meet all expectations for the attributes, qualifications, knowledge and experience outlined in the guidelines.

Additionally teachers for children aged between  45 days to 35 months should have expertise in baby and toddler care and development. They should maintain a stimulating and welcoming childcare environment, and ensure that children’s development, learning, wellbeing, health, and safety are maintained at all times. 

KHDA has also stipulated strict guidelines and specifications for indoor and outdoor facilities in order for a place to be eligible to be declared as ECC.