Sharjah schools cannot make teachers do admin work

The decision was taken by SPEA after some teachers complained of getting burnt out with administrative tasks

Dubai, Feb 15, 2022: The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has announced that private schools in Sharjah cannot make teachers perform administrative work besides conducting classes and other educational activities. 

The decision was taken after some teachers complained about getting burnt out with all the administrative tasks.

Ali Al Hosani, Director of the SPEA, says that the private schools’ management have been notified about the ban and told to stop requiring teachers to do extra tasks that may affect their classes. 

Schools have been instructed to properly distribute classes among teachers. Schools must make sure that the lessons are as per teachers’ speclialistions and experience. The authority also urged schools to give enough time to teachers so they can rest and prepare for the school day. 

The authority will monitor the schools’ compliance with the circular and take all necessary measures to achieve its goal while school administrations will be held accountable for violations.

Earlier, the SPEA had rejected all requests submitted by some educational institutions to reduce the wages of its teaching staff due to the pandemic. The authority also ordered private schools to return the salaries that were slashed.