GEMS World Academy and AIS Athletics launch Centre of Excellence for track and field athletics

GWA Athlete Scholarship Programme will benefit 100 top-level student athletes

Dubai, April 28, 2022: GEMS World Academy – Dubai (GWA) has partnered with AIS Athletics to launch the UAE’s first centre of excellence dedicated to track and field athletics, supporting young athletes from the school and further afield by providing access to top facilities, coaching, training and scholarships. 

The purpose of the Centre of Excellence is to help students who are talented performers to improve their technical skill and secure excellence. This will be achieved by establishing a pathway that identifies talented athletes, focusing on expert coaching and investing in athlete development over several years. 

The programme aspires to increase the number of student athletes with a view to developing elite performers, and to expand the team of high-class coaches to include sports science and medical support.

Dr Saima Rana, Principal/CEO, GEMS World Academy – Dubai says, “Through this partnership, our students gain a competitive edge, enabling them to realise their full potential on the track and sports field, supported by world-class staff, scholarships and our wider elite athlete programme.”

Umar Hameed, Director, AIS Athletics says, “The AIS Athletics and GEMS World Academy – Dubai partnership creates a truly fantastic opportunity for students to thrive in their chosen sport. Who knows, a future Olympic medallist may be walking among us. We will continue inspiring these young student athletes, giving them opportunities, and opening doors wherever possible.”

An important strand of the Centre of Excellence is the creation of the GWA Athlete Scholarship Programme, a pathway created to support the development of student athletes and fast track their sporting ability under the guidance of world-class coaches. The aim of the programme, which will be free for 100 GWA scholars, is to achieve excellence in each student’s sport of choice through the development of transferable skills, such as speed, strength and stamina.

GEMS World Academy – Dubai and AIS Athletics are connecting with the UAE Athletics Federation to build a network that will support the growth of athletics across the UAE. 

From May 28-29, 2022, GEMS World Academy – Dubai will be hosting the UAE Athletics Track and Field Final together with AIS Athletics. This will be the first time that a national competition of such scale is held at a school, with more than 500 children competing.