Hikvision unveils Classroom Hub Solution to support digital transformation

The solution, based on interactive flat panel display, empowers teachers, students and administrators with intelligence, engagement and connectivity

Dubai, May 20, 2022: Hikvision, an IoT solution and video security systems provider, has launched its new Classroom Hub Solution to support digital transformation and improved teaching quality for educational institutions of all types and sizes. The solution, based on the interactive flat panel display, empowers teachers, students, and administrators with intelligence, engagement and connectivity.

As educational organisations engage in various digital transformation initiatives, Hikvision’s education solutions offer a unique, highly efficient, ‘all-in-one’ hardware and software architecture that allows them to maximise campus security, support end-to-end student management and optimise in-class and remote teaching and learning models. The Classroom Hub Solution provides a new offering that supports creation of digital classrooms to build an immersive learning environment for both on-campus and remote students.

Enhanced in-class experience

The Classroom Hub Solution leverages the interactive flat panel to optimise the teacher and student experience with human-centric technologies, including high resolution, eye protection and automatic brightness adjustment. The interactive flat panel enables teachers to project students’ work to the screen through the client and show them to the whole class. Currently, up to 4 clients are supported at the same time. Additional features include on-screen annotations, and the ability to save and share relevant notes and content. With Windows OPS, third-party teaching applications can be downloaded on the panel, helping educators integrate various tools and materials. This advanced digital teaching assistant boosts teaching efficiency and class engagement.

Immersive virtual and remote learning

The Classroom Hub Solution also enables distance learning, which mainly includes 2 types of scenarios: remote learning for students at home and multi-classroom learning that allows interaction between multiple classrooms. This helps educational institutions to create an immersive learning experience for students who are accessing classes from home, or from other classrooms – either in the same school, or in different schools.

With Hikvision’s dedicated hardware and software infrastructure – including cameras, interactive flat panel displays and Hikvision’s own ClassIn software, remote students can easily access the display presented by the teacher, through the interface of a software like Zoom. The smooth switching between different views in the class in excellent image quality creates an immersive learning environment and helps ensure more engagement for remote students.

Multi-classroom learning is enabled with the use of audio and video devices, interactive flat panel displays and Hikvision ClassLink software, making it quick and easy to start the course simultaneously for students who are in the live classroom, secondary and even remote classrooms. Students can interact with the teacher and others between locations in real time. The synchronised high quality audio, video and display, including slides and annotation, between multiple classrooms allows students in remote cities or classrooms to deliver better learning results.

Classroom Hub device management and efficiency

Hikvision Classroom Hub device also supports rapid deployment, configuration and operation. It facilitates information sharing through digital signage at the door of the classroom and the interactive flat panel inside the classroom. Administrators can remotely post information to the devices of each classroom, including campus-wide emergency notices, news and others.