E-waste campaign kicks off in 43 UAE schools

GEMS Education partners with Fixerman to launch one of the UAE’s largest school e-waste campaigns

Dubai, June 08, 2022: GEMS Education has teamed up with Fixerman, the Dubai-based device repair specialists, to launch one of the largest school electronic waste (e-waste) campaigns in the UAE.

The campaign aims to reduce the amount of broken or unwanted devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, which end up in landfill sites. When electronic devices are dumped in landfills, toxic substances like lead and mercury can leak into the soil and water system.

On average, a UAE resident produces 17.2 kilogrammes of e-waste every year. As a result, many households have multiple unused or defective devices at home that risk not being disposed off properly or safely.

According to the UN’s Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, a record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019. That is the equivalent weight of 350 cruise ships’ worth of electronics, and this amount is set to rise to 74 Mt by 2030.

The GEMS-Fixerman e-waste campaign will make it easier for school communities to dispose off any broken or unwanted devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops through the provision of secure collection bins at every school. Made from recyclable materials, these bins are secure and sturdy and will be collected by Fixerman, with the contents taken away for recycling. The collected devices will be disposed off by Dubai Municipality-authorised recycling company E-scrappy.

Jassim Bangara, CEO and Founder of Fixerman, and a GEMS Modern Academy alumnus says, “I believe that through this campaign we can encourage young people, and indeed the whole community, to think of sustainability and environmental impact when making lifestyle choices. Before purchasing a new phone or laptop, we should ensure our old devices are either repaired or recycled.”

In addition to the weekly collections, Fixerman will visit schools with their trademark van – a solar-powered mobile service centre – to offer device repairs to GEMS parents and staff.

Ershad Ahmed, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Loyalty at GEMS Education says, “In the past two years, schools and families have depended on technology more than ever. Through GEMS Education’s partnership with Fixerman, we are making it easier for the community to dispose off old devices safely and securely, while also offering families a quick and efficient way to repair their devices at our schools.”

The UAE-wide campaign will run until May 2023 with a target of safely and securely recycling approximately 0.5 tonnes of e-waste per school.