New law mandates int’l schools in Saudi to teach country’s history

Schools will be punished if they violate the provisions

Riyadh, Dec 12, 2022: It is mandatory for private schools following a foreign curriculum to teach the history and geography of the country, as per a new law which the Saudi Ministry of Education is giving its final touches. 

The aim of the bylaw is to regulate the participation of the private sector and the non-profit sector in providing education services, applying quality standards, and improving the level of performance and outputs in private schools while providing education in private schools with educational options, multiple curriculums, and various operating models.

Private schools that offer a foreign curriculum are required to teach the Kingdom’s history,  geography and national identity subjects to Saudi students.

As per the law, the incumbents of teaching positions in a private school must obtain a valid professional license from the Education and Training Evaluation Commission to be issued to the teacher.

Schools will be punished if they violate provisions, decisions or executive rules issued to them.

The penalty amounts to a fine not exceeding SAR 500,000 ($133,000), the final closure of the school, the revocation of its license and the deportation of the school principal or any of its teachers.

When implementing penalties, the size of the violation and its recurrence is taken into account. The size of the school, the quality of its output, and its community participation in terms of aggravating and reducing conditions will also be considered.