Higher education institutes in Dubai see rise in foreign student enrollment


Dubai’s international higher education institutions register annual enrollment growth of 8%: study 

DUBAI, April 27, 2023: International student enrollment for higher education courses in Dubai shot up by almost 12%, indicating Dubai’s emergence as a new hub for higher education in the region. 

One-third of all students registered at the higher education institutions in Dubai are international students, a report by WAM said quoting statistics made available by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). 

Data released by the KHDA showed that the total number of students currently enrolled in university programmes exceeds 30,000.  

The report also adds that international higher education institutions in Dubai reported an 8% annual growth in the number of students enrolled. 

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA, says, “Dubai continues to strengthen its emergences as a leading destination for international higher education.”  

He attributed the growth of international students to the rise in the number of international campuses opening in Dubai and the diversity of programmes available.  

“This progress speaks to the quality of education offered by universities and their commitment to building a truly world-class higher education sector. We look forward to working with university leaders to further advance Dubai’s position as a regional and international higher education hub,” adds Al Karam. 

For the first time, data available on graduates showed that more than 80% of students who graduated from a higher education institution in Dubai in the past two academic years were in employment or undertaking further study. 

The number of programmes offered by international universities increased by 21% in the past three academic years, with degrees in business, engineering and information technology proving the most popular among international students and Emiratis. Business, media studies and information technology featured in the top three programmes among students of determination. 

Data from the current academic year also showed that 60% of students are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree, with 30% studying for a Master’s and 2% for a doctorate. Nearly 80% of all students are enrolled on a full-time basis.