New AI & Technology College in Ajman for healthcare professionals

Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare aims to bring together experts in medicine, computer science, data analytics and metaverse technology  

Ajman, June 20, 2023:  Gulf Medical University has launched the Thumbay Institute/ College of AI in Healthcare, a dedicated facility to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical education and recognises the significance of emerging technologies like the metaverse. 

The new facility will be operational by September 2023, and will offer certificate programmes to start with. Bachelors and Master’s programmes will be introduced at a later stage.  

The Institute/college will offer certificate courses and training in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and other leading universities in Europe and technology companies worldwide. It will also offer comprehensive digital skill development programmes to healthcare professionals, equipping them with the necessary expertise to thrive as future healthcare professionals.  

Serving as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, the institute aims to bring together experts in medicine, computer science, data analytics and metaverse technology, and is expected to open new avenues for research, education, healthcare delivery, innovation and technological advancements in the field.  

Professor Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University, says, “The launch of this groundbreaking institute signifies a significant milestone in Gulf Medical University’s journey, focusing specifically on the integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare,” he says.  

The programmes designed by the Institute aim to blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on training, empowering students to develop cutting-edge AI solutions that are specifically tailored to the healthcare domain. The programmes aim to prepare healthcare professionals for the future, where they will be working in a technology-driven work environment in which AI will be integral to the practice of medicine.