Saudi Arabia to host Education Experts

The event will be held from October 10-11, 2023 

Riyadh, August 14, 2023: Saudi Arabia will host Education Experts, the event featuring leading presentations, roundtable discussions and panel debates focusing on key topics that challenge modern education. 

The upcoming event will be held from October 10-11, 2023, in Riyadh. 

Education Experts Saudi Arabia will provide a platform for inspiring content, valuable insights and opportunities, networking and product discovery for educators. 

The Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 recognises the need to improve the education system to ensure future growth and prosperity in the country. Key to the development will be embedding positive beliefs in young people from an early age by reshaping the educational system. Schools will work closely with families to provide students with the required knowledge and behaviours necessary for resilient and independent characters to emerge. 

The focus will be on the fundamental values of initiative, persistence and leadership, as well as social skills, cultural knowledge and self-awareness. Promotion of cultural, social, volunteering and athletic activities through empowering the educational, cultural and entertainment institutions will be a key strategy in meeting the vision. 

Discussions at Education Experts Saudi Arabia will focus on empowering educators and students to meet the country’s vision.  

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