Will ChatGPT take away teacher jobs?

Is the Open AI’s artificial assistant a threat to the teaching profession? Find out what educators from across the GCC have to say 

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model has come a long way since it was first introduced by Open AI in 2018. With a chat-like user interface and a rapidly growing ability to respond human like, almost accurately – initially using predefined parameters but soon using artificial intelligence – to generate new responses, the GPT models are bound to change the way we seek knowledge.   

Come December, and we could well be witnessing the most advanced and latest version of Open AI’s artificial assistant GPT 5, which as experts are predicting could achieve about 90% accuracy, compared to 40% when GPT 4 was first introduced.   

It is not only expected to gain an ability where a human being will not be able to differentiate between a response generated by a machine and a human but also achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) and surpass the human brain in its ability to process data and create new content in all perceivable format be in text, audio, video and all forms of data.  

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