Forces reshaping procurement at schools

Lisa Johnson, Principal, American Academy for Girls in an exclusive interview with Education Middle East explains how technology upgrades, lab equipment and sports infrastructure will dominate annual procurement strategies in the K-12 sector 

Technology upgrades have emerged as the key driver for procurement trends among schools in the region. While smart classrooms and digital content continue to drive investments, schools are also investing in design changes to classrooms to match the new realities of learning. Additionally, there is an increase in demand for lab equipment such as 3D printers and data loggers that promote hands-on learning experiences. UAE is also witnessing additional budget allocations for boosting sports infrastructure across schools. Teacher training and creating a sustainable ecosystem have emerged as key priorities for schools. 

The procurement needs for the American Academy for Girls for next year will focus on three key areas: technology upgrades, investments into sports and school labs, says Lisa Johnson, Principal, American Academy for Girls.  

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